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Retirement Planning Process

Our business is retirement: we guide our clients every step of the way.

Every product we offer can be understood as a part of our retirement planning process. Regardless of where you are in your retirement planning, we can help you understand and capture the full potential of your wealth.


Our first meeting is an opportunity to become acquainted and discover if there is a good fit between our services and your needs. We describe how we will work with you in an advisory partnership. You tell us about yourself and what you want to accomplish. Together we decide how and when to move forward.

Gather and Organize Information

We collect your personal and financial information, including appropriate documents such as account statements, tax returns, insurance policies and any trust and will information. Together we complete a Client Profile to better understand you and to explore your attitudes about money.

Strategy Session

We analyze your current financial situation and help you identify and prioritize your goals. We recommend strategies to build, manage and safeguard your wealth, laying out an action plan to satisfy your objectives.


The next step is to implement your action plan. We look at the big picture and recognize how everything relates. Working closely with your CPA, attorney and other members of your personal advisory team, we execute integrated strategies to maximize efficiencies.

Review, Evaluate and Adapt

We routinely review and evaluate your results. Regular strategic and tactical meetings serve to keep your plan current with changes in your needs and circumstances over the course of your life and adapt to changing economic and market conditions.